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The Nobel Laureate for Physics CUI Qi Visits HENU


CUI Qi, the Nobel laureate for physics and professor in Electrical Engineering (EE) of Princeton University, together with his wife Linda, visited Henan University (HENU) on October 25.

Accompanied by President LOU Yuangong, CUI Qi and his wife visited the Ancient Imperial Academy Culture Exhibition, paper-cut Exhibition in the Art Museum and finally the auditorium. He carefully listened to the introduction to the history and progress of HENU, learned about the disciplinary development of Physics and the construction of laboratory, and posed for a group photo with students in front of the auditorium.

"As Henan is your hometown, HENU is also your home. You are always welcomed whenever you come.” President LOU told CUI. LOU also remarked that CUI was the only Nobel laureate with Henan membership, which was the pride of Henan. Besides, Hometown has grace to him, for which he also held deep love.

CUI Qi, a Chinese-American born and raised in Henan, is engaged in electronic research as the professor of EE at Princeton University. He won the 1998 Nobel Prize in Physics for the study of "Fractional Quantum Hall Effect", becoming the sixth ethnic Chinese with Nobel Prize.