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HENU Holds 2015 Looking China · Youth Film Project · Kaifeng Screening Ceremony


On August 4th, 2015, Looking China ? Youth Film Project ? Kaifeng Screening Ceremony was held in Henan University. With the help of 20 volunteers from Henan University, 10 students from York University and Ghana National Institute of Film and TV Art, taking People, Home & Country as the theme, completed 10 Kaifeng documentary short films after 17 days of intense work.

These 10 short films, taking tea art, architecture, inheritance, calligraphy, Taoism and family respectively as keywords, recorded the family values, traditional arts and crafts and other elements of Chinese culture, and explained their understanding of the themes. Among these films, the Family, Spring and Autumn made by Mehrtash MOHIT from York University and WANG Tianyou, LU Hong from Henan University, was selected for the screening.

This Screening is a high quality cross-cultural event sponsored by Beijing Normal University. The project recruits foreign students every year to experience Chinese culture in different cities, shooting a short film to convey their understanding of China to the public. The event invited 100 foreign youth from 20 colleges and universities of 18 countries to experience Chinese culture in Beijing, Kaifeng and other 10 cities.