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Details on residence permit for foreign students

I . Documents required:

1. Official letter from the school/university (stating the basic information of applicant, reasons for applying, items and period of applying, etc), “Enrollment Notice”, JW202 Form or JW201 Form;

2. Valid passport and visa (copy included);

3. Registration receipt of lodging from hotel or local police station (copy included);

4. Two recently taken 2-inch full-face color photograph (the background should be white)

5. For people’s first applying for residence permit longer than one year should submit certification for health issued by the Henan Entry-Exit Inspection And Quarantine Bureau; (applicants under the full age of 18 years are exempt)

6. Completed “Visa or Residence Permit Application Form”. (*)

7. Others if necessary.

II.Time required: 5 working days



All the international students with the study visa, visiting visa or tourist visa must apply for residence permit in the local public security bureau within thirty days from the date of entry. Those who fail to apply for it within the limit will be punished as illegal immigrants.


A indicates that the holder of this Residence Permit can stay in China until January 31st, 2011.

B indicates that the purpose of the holder is for study. It means the identity of the holder in China is a foreign student, so he or she is only allowed to study in China. He or she is not allowed to do anything else, like work, doing business and intern.


Students, who want to get a Residence Permit for the first time, must present the following materials to Division of Exit and Entry Administration of  Henan Public Security Bureau.

1. Passport;

2. Acceptance Letter from Henan University

3. JW202 or JW201 Form

4. Certificate of Verification for Physical Examination Record, which is issued by Henan International Travel Healthcare Centre of Henan Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau;

5. An Introduction Letter for Foreign Students' Visa, which is issued by the School of International Education,Henan University.