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HENU Holds 2015 University Opening Ceremony


On September 6th and 8th, Henan University held 2015 University Opening Ceremony for postgraduates and undergraduates. All school leaders, teacher representatives and 2015 postgraduates and undergraduates attended the ceremony.

At the 2015 Opening Ceremony for postgraduates, HENU president LOU Yuangong hoped postgraduates to follow the glorious tradition of Henan University, inherit and carry forward the spirit of the University, and achieve their own academic innovation in the critique and question.

Tutor representative Prof. ZHANG Pingyu answered the questions of “why we attend the graduate school?” and “how to be a good postgraduate?” On behalf of senior students, 2103 postgraduate ZAHO Xusong from HENU School of Educational Science made a speech. 2015 postgraduate YANG Dan from HENU School of Medicine made remarks on behalf of all new students. 

At the 2015 Opening Ceremony for undergraduates, LOU Yuangong lectured “the first lesson” to the new students, and expounded “what will I learn and how can I learn in Henan University?” After the wonderful “first lesson”, LOU assigned homework for all freshmen: take every step well in life.

On behalf of all the teachers, ZHANG Xiaohui encouraged the students to learn to live independently, learn autonomously, undertaking tasks actively. JIA Ning, CHEN Jing, representatives of students, and PAN Wenchen and ZHANG Shuyan, representatives of all the freshmen, made remarks respectively.

It is reported that Henan University 2015 totally enrolled more than 2500 doctoral and master students, 9400 undergraduates, and another 7 are authorized to be postgraduate teaching units. And it was the first time for foreign postgraduates to attend the ceremony.