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Britain Sets IELTS Test Center in HENU


The opening ceremony of HENU IELTS test center was held in the Auditorium Plaza on October 17. Michael KING, First Secretary of CESBE (Cultural and Education Section of the British Embassy) and the Operation Director of Chinese Test, ZHANG Yazhong, Vice Chairman of Henan CPPCC (Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference), President LOU Yuangong, Vice President SONG Chunpeng attended the ceremony.

SONG Chunpeng gave a speech in the ceremony. He said that HENU had established friendly and cooperative relations with more than 100 colleges from over 70 countries and regions and had carried out all-round and multi-level exchanges, which increasingly enhanced its international characteristics. IELTS test center in HENU would further accelerate foreign exchange and collaboration as well as the academic communication and cooperation with folk society, and finally improve the schooling level of internationalization.

Michael KING, ZHANG Yazhong and LOU Yuangong jointly inaugurated the IELTS test center in HENU.

Up to now, there are 47 IELTS test centers distributed in 35 cities in China. According to CESBE, an exam has successfully held in HENU IELTS test center on November 30 this year, and there will be at least once a month afterwards.