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A New Guest Professor of HENU: Paul PATTON from University of New South Wales



On Oct 30th, 2015, HENU president LOU Yuangong and vice president met with Professor Paul PATTON from University of New South Wales in Jinming Campus of HENU, and issued him the Guest Professor grant letters of appointment. 

LOU Yuangong hoped that Prof. PATTON could visit HENU often, giving support in the construction of scientific research and postgraduate education, and welcomed Prof. PATTON to provide more valuable opinions for HENU management system, promote the international communication and cooperation between HENU and University of New South Wales, thus enhancing competitiveness in the aspect of high-level innovative talents agglomeration, discipline construction, team building, personnel training and international participation.

Prof. PATTON said that he was willing to regularly come to HENU to organize the high-level academic lectures, and actively contribute to teaching and research of HENU School of Foreign Languages.

Prof. Paul PATTON is an internationally renowned scholar, and is currently a professor of philosophy and science at University of New South Wales, a researcher at Australian Academy of Humanities, and the assessment expert of Australian Scientific Committee of Science.