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Delegation Led by ZHAO Guoxiang Pays Visit to USA & Canadian Universities





From October 12th to the 18th, a delegation led by HENU executive vice president ZHAO Guoxiang was invited to pay a working visit to University of Akron (UA), East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania and University of Windsor (UW).

During the visit to UA, ZHAO Guoxiang talked to the president Scott SCARBOROUGH, and the executive vice president William SHERMAN, etc. Both sides said they would continue to develop the Confucius Institute and the cooperative projects, further promote the exchange of teachers and students, and carry out new cooperation projects. The delegation visited UA School of Engineering, School of Arts & Sciences and so on, gave advice to the work of the Confucius Institute, and visited HENU teachers in UA.

East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania president Marcia WELSH, executive vice president Joann BRUNO, vice president Mary Frances POSTUPACK, and vice president of foreign affairs Michael SOUTHWELL met with the delegation. The two sides held several talks about the construction of the Confucius Institute, students' innovation and entrepreneurship, and jointly organized the international conference, and reached a preliminary consensus.

During the visit to UW, the UW president Alan WILDEMAN met with the delegation. The two sides signed the agreement to exchange students. ZHAO Guoxiang visited the UW School of Engineering, School of Business and the Students Entrepreneurship Innovation Center. 

During his visit to the US and Canada, ZHAO Guoxiang met with the president of HENU Alumni Association and the president of HENU Canadian Alumni Association, hoping the alumni could make contributions to the alma mater in the introduction of high-level personnel and other aspects.