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The Confucius Institute Promoting China Culture to Our Lady of the Elms School Globalization Sensation


On May 3rd, a bright and beautiful spring day, Confucius Institute at the University of Akron was invited to participate in the Our Lady of the Elms School’s Globalization Sensation event. More than a dozen international organizations such as Akron Institute ofInternational Association, Global Ties, RussiaInternational Association, India International Association, VenezuelaInternational Association, Latin American International Association, and Steel Drum band from The University of Akron.

The Confucius Institute booth, displayed the auspicious Chinese Dragon, Confucius Institute banner, Gu Zheng and Giant Panda doll. CI demonstrated Chinese calligraphy, paper cutting, Chinese naming, Chinese tea, and Yo Yo playing. During the global event, CI volunteer, YU Mengyu performed Chinese dance “China, a state of ceremonies”, LI Jiaxi played “thebambusa multiplex in the moonlight” by Cucurbit Flute (Hu Lu Si). During the global event, guests visited the Confucius Institute booth, communicated with Chinese teachers and volunteers, and learned the cultural meaning of Chinese character “Chun” (春), and watched the paper-cutting craft show. The Confucius Institute teachers and volunteers wrote guests Chinese name on CI brochures given as a souvenir. “China knot” with four side word “Chun”(spring) paper-cutting was also given to the guests. Photos were taken of the guests next to the Chinese dragon along with Chinese Calligraphy and Gu Zheng being demonstrated at the same time. All activities continued till the afternoon.