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Lomonosov Moscow State University Signs a Cooperation Agreement with HENU


Lomonosov Moscow State University Signs a Cooperation Agreement with HENU

On November 11th, Lomonosov Moscow State University vice president Ю. А.Мазей visited Henan University. HENU executive vice president ZHAO Guoxiang and Ю. А.Мазей signed a cooperation agreement. HENU president LOU Yuangong met with the delegation.

ZHAO Guoxiang hoped to put the contents of the cooperation agreement into practice as soon as possible, and implement the curriculum docking, credit/academic certification and other aspects in respect of art theory, psychology, ecology, material science, and language education majors, so as to fully prepare for the project implementation next year. Ю. А.Мазей said, Lomonosov Moscow State University took HENU as its first partner in China and believed the two sides would establish substantial cooperation project.

LOU Yuangong congratulated on the success of two universities signing the cooperation agreement. He said that the cooperation between the two sides should adopt a two-way and mutually beneficial way; HENU students would promote research in Lomonosov Moscow State University, and students of Lomonosov Moscow State University could study the characteristic and specialties of HENU, such as national sports, national arts, etc. He also hoped the two sides would complete the process according to the cooperation agreement as soon as possible so as to start the relevant professional enrollment in 2106.