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Why Henan University

Reason 1

Kaifeng is a beautiful historical city,which offers you a quiet and pleasant environment to get further education.Lying on the southern bank of Yellow River—the cradle of Chinese history andculture, Kaifeng is a famous historic and cultural city. It can be called Bianfor short, and is listed one of the Seven Ancient Capitals of China and one ofthe twenty-four historic cities publicized by State Government. With a historyof more than 2700 years, Kaifeng has ever been named Daliang, Bianliang,Dongjing, Bianjing, etc. Long history of Kaifeng has left us many historicalsites. For example, Millennium City Park, Iron Pagoda, Long Ting Park, and ect.At the same time, it is comparatively economical to live in Kaifeng because theconsumption is not so high here. In addition, there are many kinds of snacks inKaifeng. For instance, Kaifeng Kuan Tang Steamed Buns, Black Peanuts, and ect.

Reason 2

Henan University has been a prestigiousuniversity since it was founded in 1912. Many famous scholars, such as FengYoulan, Fan Wenlan, have taught here. Its graduates Yin Da, Deng Tuo,etc., arewell-known experts, scholars or social activists.

Reason 3

Henan University has been a cradle of manyelites in China. Its alumni have made and are making great contributions to thedevelopment of China and the progress of mankind. Now there are more than40,000 students who receive full-time education here. Among the 3,600 staffmembers, 10 are academicians, 300 have doctor’s degrees, and over 800 are fullor associate professors. The university library houses 3 million books, 170thousand of which are thread-bound ancient writings and 200 thousand books andmagazines in foreign languages. The museum houses a collection of valuablecultural relics. With its first-class equipment the key labs are available forvarious scientific experiments. In addition, the university has its teaching& research institutions such as the Computing Center, the Network Center,the Survey and Experiment Center, and the Audio-Visual Education Center.Located in the northeast corner of Kaifeng, the old campus is fragrant withflowers and green with grass and trees. With carved beams and painted rafters,the buildings in traditional architecture such as the Auditorium and BuildingNo. 7 are elegant with rich Chinese Culture. The modern buildings such as theScience Building, the University Library and the Gymnasium are grand,magnificent and spectacular. They match each other well in radiance and beautygiving a unique style and an elegant taste to the university.

Reason 4

Henna University began to teach ChineseLanguage as second language in 1985. Now there are 13 full time teachersChinese language to international students, including 1 professor, 2 associateprofessors, 3 doctoral degree holders and 2 doctoral degree candidates. Morethan half of the faculty has the experience of teaching Chinese languageabroad, and all faculty members and qualified with Chinese as Second LanguageTeaching Certificates. Besides, there are more than 20 part-time teachers.

Reason 5

The tuition and fee is comparatively low,you could spend less money getting further education.

Reason 6

InternationalSchool for Chinese Language and Culture (ISCLC) at Henan University has acooperative, efficient and harmonious group which has a bright future under thewise leadership of Dean of Li Weiguo. Dean Li Weiguo calls on staff to fosterstudent-oriented conception. All staff in ISCLC has the conception that weoffer service for students. Therefore, I think oversea students will have apleasant life in our department.