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Tips of life

1. Holidays

    During an academic year, students will have days off during the following holidays:

    New Year’s Day, January 1st

    Pure Bright Festival, April 4th

    May Day, May 1st

    Dragon Boat Festival, May 5th in Lunar Calendar

    Summer vacation, Usually from early July to end of August

    Mid-Autumn Festival, August. 15th in Lunar Calendar

    National Day, October 1st to 3rd

    Winter Vacation, usually from late January to mid- February

    For more details, please refer to the school calendar.

2. Climate and Weather

Kaifeng is located in the middle of Henan Province and the geographical condition is complex because of many rivers and hills in the city; Meanwhile, Kaifeng has four distinct seasons, hot and wet in summer and cold and dry in winter, while pleasant in both Spring and Autumn.  

3. Time Zone

Beijing Standard Time which is 8 hours earlier than the Greenwich Mean Time.

4. Voltage

The voltage for daily use in China is 220V, so please prepare adapter if necessary.

5. Drinking water

You cannot drink tap water directly. Drink boiled water or bottled water, please.

6. Student ID and campus Card

After having registered in Overseas Education College, freshmen can get student ID card and Campus Card. Campus card can be used to borrow books at University Library, pay meals at Campus Canteens and Cafeterias, buy commodities at Campus stores, choose courses and apply for Internet service, etc.,  hence "All  in One" card.

You are not supposed to lend or borrow student ID cards. If you lose your ID cards, you must report as soon as possible and apply for a new with 20 RMB.

7. Emergency & Security

Kaifeng is one of the safest cities in China and living on HENU campus is particularly safe. There are  security guards stationed at each campus gate.  Nevertheless, here are a few recommendations to ensure your safety.

It is advisable to take precaution with your passport and money. Normally, one should not carry their passport and large sums of cash. Your Campus Card should be sufficient for identification and student verification. If you leave expensive items in your room, make sure to lock the door, and close the windows.

Follow all traffic rules and be particularly cautious on the road.

In the case of emergency or other disturbances, promptly call the police 110 and in the meantime report to the Oversea Students Affairs Office where the officer can be of assistance.

Emergency Contact Phone Numbers

    Police 110

    Fire 119

    Traffic Accident 122

    Medical Emergency 120